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carly pope worship
v. oral fixation
28th-Feb-2013 05:52 pm - carly at paleyfest
carly: radiant smile
<lj user=mr_trachtenberg> 4
just reading about this tonight. a new "kick-starter" funded indie with an old film noir vibe...could be decent...


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30th-Sep-2012 01:58 pm - Twitter
Hey, guys.
Carly finally has a twitter account.
Please follow @Pope_Onarope
28th-Aug-2012 04:41 pm - Happy birthday, Carly!
carly: radiant smile

25th-Jun-2012 12:04 pm - Concrete Blondes trailer
Finally, Carly's latest project has a trailer on youtube.
Carly's character looks badass and she carries a gun!
24th-Sep-2011 05:57 am - Carly in a Music Video
sam glasses
It's been a while since I've been on LJ, but I ran across Carly in a music video so I thought I'd share.

28th-Aug-2011 08:43 pm - Happy birthday, Carly!
carly: radiant smile

Yes, we're excited, too! Happy birthday, Carly!

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