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carly pope worship

v. oral fixation

Carly Pope for the Win
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a fan community for actress Carly Pope

"You know what my problem with Carly Pope is? Every time I see her she looks like she has something smutty on her mind."
    - losdosmos

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This is a community devoted to Canada's greatest export. Not maple syrup; the gorgeous, talented actress and producer Carly Pope, star of many independent films, the WB's Popular, and -- lately -- FX's dirt.

Please feel free to post:
  • Carly-relevant news;
  • Discussion and analysis of Carly films and television episodes;
  • Pictures of Carly, including screencaps of her projects, icons, and other art;
  • Fanfiction about any of Carly's characters;
  • Information about relevant communities/websites/projects.

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  • Don't be rude. It is possible to have intelligent, thoughtful discussions without resorting to namecalling and talking about people's mothers. I've seen it.
  • The MOD is in charge, and fully capable of policing this community. Don't try and do her job for her. Seriously.
  • No spamming! I don't want to see any posts promoting communities that haven't got anything to do with this one. Because we don't care. There are community promotion communities, ironically enough; find one of those to talk yourself up in. And I'd like to add: posting several times, even about a related community, is also spamming. Don't do it; it's very annoying and people won't like you.
  • Put things behind cuts. If you have a story that's more than a hundred words, or a picture that's really big, or more than a few icons, put it behind a cut tag so that the other community members don't yell at you for making their friends' page look funky.
  • Along these lines: please use cut tags for spoilers for current projects. Some people don't want to know everything before watching a new tv show/movie; respect that.
  • The moderator is completely OCD about everything entry tags. She very much appreciates you using them, but she reserves the right to alter them if you do them improperly. If you don't understand entry tags, or if you're afraid of using the wrong ones; no sweat. It's totally not a big deal; feel free to leave the field blank.
  • Do not hotlink pictures. People pay money for bandwidth, and hotlinking is stealing. There are many places -- including Livejournal -- that provide image-hosting completely free of charge.
  • The moderator will totally delete your post if you're in violation of the rules more than once. Consider this your last warning.