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carly pope worship
v. oral fixation
4th-Aug-2014 05:38 pm(nessuno)
carly: scuba diving in my bathtub

1st-Aug-2014 06:42 pm - headshot
chanel: cute as hell

27th-Feb-2014 08:10 pm - a gorgeous shot from twitter
carly: just unzip your religion down

*Carly notes with the picture that she was not actually smoking; the cigarette was just a prop.

20th-Sep-2013 10:48 pm - 2 new projects
<lj user=mr_trachtenberg> 4
Carly's got a role in the upcoming Dolph Lundgren drug-trafficking flick Ambushed (aka Rush or Hard Rush)


And apparently she'll be back on the small screen as well in the CW's new sci-fi series The Tomorrow People


"The actress will play Morgan Burke, one of the super-powered folk who has managed, thanks to an illicit relationship with a very powerful man, to conceal her paranormal abilities from the government organization which hunts down her kind. But when her connection is exposed, Morgan becomes a pawn in a shadow war between the species."

This looks really derivative/by-the-numbers not sure if it'll catch on or not. There's trailers out there for it but she's not in them, hence "recent addition" I guess...

Oh well, good to know she hasn't fallen off the earth or something... :o)
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